Rustique Boheme Jewelry

Wife and mother; nature enthusiast and self taught jewelry artist. My desire to design and create jewelry was born in 2018 from a love of nature and self - discovery. My designs are a combination of eclectic taste and unique style transformed into Boho influenced jewelry. Boho styling is about expressing one’s creativity rather than being constrained by societal standards. This style celebrates nature and embraces imperfection. Boho is eclectic, embracing global influences as well as cultural influences tending to embrace vintage styles and mix and match.

My pieces
include handmade focal beads and pendants, recycled sari silk, faux and natural suedes, metals, clay, handpicked beads from local bead stores and gemstones acquired from all over the globe.

Working in my home studio surrounded by nature
, my mind is free to wander all the possibilities to create unique pieces. My studio is not only my creative space, but also a place of therapy. I use this space to work, relax, meditate, and learn.  
With snacks and a tall cool drink, I brain storm and bring about my ideas by combining beads, stones, and my original works into unusual one-of-a-kind creations.

As an avid hiker and nature seeker, my inspiration comes from the copious amounts of time spent under the canopy of trees, on mountain summits, and in natural flowing or cascading waters observing the infinite beauty of the outdoors. I take special interest in earthy decay,  rusting metals and all stones I see along the way. My senses are fed with endless inspiration as I note organic lines, shapes, textures, and colors fueling my imagination and potential. The results are eclectic trompe l'oeil forms of wearable art. 


The Artist

Hey there! I'm Angie, the creative mind and one woman show behind Rustique Boheme Jewelry. My creations are made by me in my home studio, right off my bedroom and main living room area, on two tables covered in my ideas and snacks.  My family and I live in a small town in the middle of the woods in central Georgia, which is rich in history, country living and nature.

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